Monday, June 3, 2013




I picked up this wrought iron patio set from an online garage sale a couple weeks ago. It's hard to tell from the before photo but the paint was all peeling and the cushions were extremely sun faded and dirty. 

So I repainted the frame with Rust-oleum Satin White, and picked up this outdoor fabric and new foam from Joann's for the cushions. Jared helped me staple the fabric and foam onto the seats, I Windexed the table top and put it all together on the deck. 

It is so nice having a place to sit and eat, read, or just hang out outside! And for a fraction of the cost of a brand new patio set! I can live with that. 

Have you done any refurbishing or renovating lately? I'd love to hear about them!

25 Before 26 Goals

  1. Plan on starting a family
  2. Go backpacking
  3. Live a more healthy lifestyle
  4. Write down my actual thoughts more
  5. Remember birthdays and send cards/gifts
  6. Throw a book exchange party- DONE
  7. Throw a dance party
  8. Start a children's book, poetry book, or memoir
  9. Make meditating a daily habit
  10. Weed out library
  11. Set up guest room
  12. Set up play room
  13. Learn to paint better
  14. Draw more
  15. Take advantage of weekends better
  16. Learn to garden (or at least to care for the plants we have!)
  17. Paint our kitchen cabinets
  18. Read 40 books
  19. Find a way to make money doing what I love
  20. Find more meaning in my every day life
  21. Start doing family history
  22. Work on improving my memory
  23. Stop biting my fingernails
  24. Stay in good contact with all my family members
  25. In general, simplify my life
Those are my goals for the next year! Do you make goals at your birthday? This is my first year doing it, but I think I'll be able to achieve a lot of them. Already have one down!