Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy 25th

I turned 25 a few days ago, while I was surrounded by family, riding on a carousel and eating deliciously greasy burgers.
I am so thankful for the amazing family that I have. Especially the amazing parents and grandparents that I was given. I am in awe of these people every day, and I love them more than I could ever say. I had the best birthday just being able to be with them! I was also with my little (tall!) brother Ethan, who is pictured walking away in the photo of my Papa and me.
We were given families to help us through the hard times in life, and to share the wonderful times. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have the family I was born into and the family that I married into to share my ups and downs with.
I love you all to the moon and back! Thank you for being amazing!

Stay tuned for my 25 before 26 goals of the year!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Carnival Fun!


Carnival lights, puffy dust filled air, the smell of food frying, teenagers screaming and game booth bells ringing. We buy some tickets, eat funnel cakes and curly fries, play a round of the basketball hoop swoosh game, and get in line for the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel is my favorite. If I see one, I have to ride it. I just have to! I can ride the craziest roller coaster and not be scared, but going over the top of a Ferris wheel always make my stomach jump just a little. I love having these amazing date nights with my man. He is my best friend, partner in crime, and love of my life! Plus he bought me expensive cotton candy just because I love nomming on the pink stuff.

Do you like the carnival? What's your favorite ride?


Life is perfect right now. Our trees are blooming, the air is crisp at night, warm and reviving in the day, and playing in the water has begun. Children’s laughter floats from our neighbors houses as they run through the sprinklers and shoot water guns at each other. All our windows are open, letting the fresh air envelop our lungs. It is a good time to be alive.