Monday, October 29, 2012

We Bought A House!

This is our, "We just signed an offer on a house!" look. We celebrated at Winger's afterwards. Haha I know, signing an offer isn't much cause for celebration but it was a big step for us first time home buyers! It said that we finally found the house we want and we are dedicated to it now. Eek! Nervous and exciting feelings all around, but it was a happy night!

And this is us in our house! Well, we have signed an accepted offer and the house is ours as long as everything checks out well in the house. Which it should because it looks like it's been taken really good care of. We're sooooo excited! We still have to wait for the loan to all get sorted out, but soon we will a place of our very own!

Here is our beauty! Isn't it amazing? Sorry, my care kind of obstructs the view of the house but we think it's gorgeous! We couldn't be happier! It's a 5 bed 3 bath so we can definitely grow into it. We seriously can't contain our excitement! Yay! And we're finally starting to feel grown up haha it's about time! Thanks for sharing in our joy!!

P.S. Wouldn't that front door look amazing in bright yellow? Or a classic red? Or keep the wood? I'm conflicted, any thoughts?


  1. Ohhhh my gosh that is so exciting!!! And a huge house!! I can't wait to see more pictures and come visit! I think a red door would be really nice and bring out the brick! With a tan house..?!?! Love you guys so happy for you!

    1. That's what I was thinking too! Ya we're so excited! When we find out more about when we're closing and moving in and all that we'll definitely let you know! Love you guys too! I'm so excited to see you! Hey, are you guys coming out to Thanksgiving?