Monday, April 22, 2013

New Furniture and House Updates!

Hello there! It's been awhile since I posted about our house, so here's what we've been up to. We haven't done much painting or anything, mostly finding furniture we like which has been such an adventure! Keep in mind, we're kind of temporary decorating with the walls- meaning we're not hanging anything that has to be held by nails because we want to paint first but can't decide what colors! It's hard haha. So eventually we will have our awesome paintings up, but now it's just things that can be held with pushpins :) Enjoy our little home tour!

 Here's our house, see the little daffodil's in front of the window? Haha those little yellow specks? They make me happy :)
 Welcome to our home! I made this cheery wreath since I was getting tired of our winter one!

Here's our cozy living room! We love hanging out in here, it is the comfiest couch ever!
 Our dining table! We love it so much! It folds down to fit just us two but then folds open and adds a leaf to sit at least 8! It's great!

We just got this china hutch last weekend. It houses Jared's family's only heirloom- their great-grandma's china. It looks so pretty with those glass windows!
This is a vintage library desk I got from the same people I got our dining table from. They had had plants on top of it for a while (who puts plants on a table so beautiful?!) so it got a little warped but it's a pretty easy fix. It gives it charm too so I'm keeping it that way for awhile! It's great having a work space again!

Picked this adorable dresser up this weekend! It needs a little TLC but I just love the shape and colors so I had to get it! This one will be getting a paint job sometime, but it'll probably look about the same, just new paint :) This is in our room, see our cute shower curtain in the background? :)

Well that's all the new stuff we've been putting in! It's slowly but surely coming together :) Look forward to some more projects coming soon! We've been busy working in the yard and still trying to organize all the random odds and ends that get thrown into random boxes (you know you do it too!). This has definitely been our most fun adventure so far! 

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