Monday, April 7, 2014

Japanese Fashion

So, if any of you follow me on Pinterest, you have probably noticed me pinning a lot of Japanese fashion lately. Holy moly you guys, I have found my dream clothes! I don't know why I've never noticed Japanese fashion before but it is so fun! I discovered it the other day when I kept finding these outfits that I loved and they were called "Mori Girl". I thought maybe it was a brand so I looked it up and apparently it's a fashion sub-culture in Japan. I guess over there, they have different fashion cliques, I suppose we have cliques too but you guys, their outfits are like costumes! They are so fun! I found this blog that goes through all of the fashion styles over there (seriously, crazy cool) and looked through a bunch of them. Anyways, my favorite is Mori Girl.

Mori means "forest" in Japanese and basically the style is a girl who looks like she lives in the forest. The style consists of lots of layered clothing, simple colors, great textures, vintage looking, billowy and comfortable. From what I could find, this is actually a new "lifestyle" there, like how we have "goths" "preps" "cowboys" "hipsters" "hippies" "granola" etc. The lifestyle is described as being girls who love vintage things, take lots of pictures, love simplicity, have a natural look, and enjoy life in it's simplicity. It's pretty interesting, to me anyway! I'm pretty excited that I have found this style and can incorporate the outfit ideas into my own wardrobe. I've been back and forth between hippie/bohemian (loose and flowy) and retro/vintage (tailored and fitted) for awhile and this seems to mix them perfectly! A lot of the outfits I've found seem pretty costume-y for every day wear, even though I love them. Here are some examples:

What do you think? Too costume-y or do you think I could pull it off without everyone thinking I was crazy? :) Not that it matters anyway really! I just love it and kind of want to go shopping in Japan now... Take a look at the other styles, are there any that you love? Some of them are crazy!


  1. So I totally love these but I know I couldn't pull it off. But I know you could! If you ever get any of these outfits you should take a picture with them on and post them!

    1. Aw thanks Allyson! I'm slowly starting to gather a few things, I actually had a few shirt and skirts that would totally work! Super excited :)