Monday, November 19, 2012

Breaking Dawn Weekend!

Our weekend was pretty relaxed, so the highlight was that Jared went to Breaking Dawn part 2 with me :) I have the greatest husband in the world! The movie was really good, it had been awhile since I read the books so it was fun to remember the story as I watched it!

The rest of our weekend went a little something like this...

When we heard the Hostess news, we ran out in search of twinkies. The first two grocery stores were completely sold out but we finally found some at a Maverick! It hadn't been raided yet. So crazy, these will be the last twinkies I ever eat... 

We had our house inspected, nothing too serious so we're stoked about that!! Then we had a bunch of documents to sign at the realtors. I love this scarf, seriously my favorite!

Over $4.00 for gas this weekend... All I can say is :(

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