Monday, November 12, 2012

Sleep Writing...

So apparently I sleep write sometimes? I looked at my phone the other day in my notebook and I found this poem of sorts there...

The fragile state of mind is only replicated by the

Tantamount uncertainty of life and death.
To yield to such deceits as these,
Proves destructive on all accounts,
Until the defender and the defended
Keep their commanding secrets on the forefront of humanity,
And all that is left in the world
Will be taken capture in grief. 

I'm not quite sure what it means but here are the key words (in my opinion) written throughout:

fragile, uncertainty, deceit, destructive, commanding secrets, humanity, capture, grief.  

A possible reaction to the election results? Haha! Anyone have  any thoughts on this random bit of my unconscious? I love finding things like this that I don't remember writing. 

Thought I'd share that funny tidbit, hope you all have a great day!

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