Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekends in Elko

We got our first real snow this weekend! It has been freezing cold and we've been obliged to stay inside, curl up together and watch movies :) We did venture out into the cold Saturday morning to check the mail and stopped by the park to take some pictures in the snow. Enjoy!

Our snowy feet! There wasn't much snow but it sure was cold! 

Jared in camo, blending in with the trees :)

Winter Wonderland!

Bundled up with the only winter stuff I have! It was still warm when we moved here haha....

After the park we checked the mail, then were headed back to the room when we saw that the main (Idaho) street was blocked off. We totally spaced that Veteran's Day was Sunday! So we happened upon the parade and couldn't have been happier! Small town parades are the best!

Us waiting for the parade to begin, funny thing is- I don't remember that heart being on the glass... Perfect placement though! Yay!

High School Band!!! I was so excited when I heard the drums! It seriously makes me miss drumming so bad. They were really good for how small they are! I'm impressed! I love that they're going the wrong way too :) The band teacher yelled to us that there was a ton of candy back a ways that no one picked up, made us laugh. People were throwing candy at empty sidewalk... The parade was a beautiful tribute to all the veterans though, really moving!

Our house in snow! It is seriously EXTREMELY difficult to see our house all vacant and beautiful while we're stuck in the hotel. Oh well, December 7th will come soon!!

The rest of the weekend was spent watching movies, eating yummy little treats (like gelato and pumpkin pie!), and napping. It'll be nice to be in our house, then we can be busy on the weekends! I hope you all had a great weekend!

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