Sunday, December 1, 2013


It's funny how accustomed I've become to my new life. I used to see a member of my family about once a week when we were living in Cedar City, and see Jared's parents even more often than that. Now that we are all the way up here in Elko, it's harder to take trips to see family so they are few and far between. But we have friends here and so we kind of just get used to our little bubble of work and weekends and every day routine. Then we go home. And it all changes. I realize again how much I miss everyone. How fun it is to just hang out, play games, and chat with family and not have to think, "we need to cram as much as we possibly can into the next few days because who knows when we'll be down next?" And seeing our nieces growing up too fast and trying to catch up on lost time is so hard!

Six months ago, if you had given Jared an amazing job that was closer to our family (or anywhere else for that matter) I would have been excited to go. But I realized on this trip, that if we move any time soon, I am going to be incredibly sad. We have made some amazing friends here in Elko. Some of whom I consider part of my family. I am so happy that I've been able to meet such amazing people and be able to share our lives with each other. To clarify, we have no reason to be moving any time soon, it was just something I was thinking about when I went to my parents. And that's another thing- obviously, my childhood home will always be "home" but I realized I referred to Elko as home and truly meant it. I've never done that with anywhere I've lived.

It was so great to see our families this week. Talking about everything under the sun (mostly ancient America and the relation to the Book of Mormon- AMAZING!), playing frisbee golf, playing with our 6 nieces, catching up with siblings, eating scrumptious food, shopping and taking silly photos. It was refreshing to be face to face with our families. I miss them a lot! We're so glad that we are able to travel home and that we have technology now to keep up to date with our families.

I hope your Thanksgiving breaks were all filled with family and yummy food!

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