Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Do you like to follow different blogs? By family members, friends, or on any other topic known to man? Do you have them all bookmarked and have to go through clicking on each one, going to their page every day, not knowing whether or not they posted but just wanting to check? I know I used to do this.

<<< here comes the shameless plug for Bloglovin'>>>

Then I found Bloglovin! I love this site! I follow a lot of family and friend's blogs but also design, fashion and photography blogs and I was missing out on a lot of content. With Bloglovin, you add all the blogs you want to follow and whenever one of them makes a new post, it comes up on your feed. It's awesome. Plus, they have a great app for Apple products (and I'm sure Android as well) that's streamlined and easy to read on the go. It's such an easy way to have access to all the blogs you want to keep track of. Plus, it's all FREE! Gotta love that!

So go register on Bloglovin, add all the blogs you want to follow (like mine for instance?!) and enjoy seeing all the new content in one place! Thanks friends, I hope you enjoy Bloglovin as much as I do!

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